Kırkağaç Vocational School was founded in 1994. Nowadays our university has formal and evening education programs on following departments: Computer Technology Department, Computer Programming, Accounting and Tax Department, Accounting and Tax Applications Program, Management and Organization Department, Logistics Program.

Contemporary science, independent ideas. - Work ethics. - Strong social relations. - Leader in education technology. Our university aims to go hand in hand with other vocational schools in the country, to be component in terms of profession by having persistence on research and development activities, and to raise individuals who respect social values.

As an educational institute, we have high quality technological developments which are required by modern vocational education. We raise technical staff in demand on national and international sectors. Our education is based on the cooperation with the community, university, and industry; there fore we are very proud of being an innovative, enterprising and sharing educational institution. 



Telephone: (+90-236) 588 18 28

Fax     : (+90-236) 588 52 54

Address   : Kayadibi Mah. Atatürk Cad. 56 Sok. No:1 -   Kırkağaç / MANİSA

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